Tuesday, February 2, 2010

House Industries

I recently received a fabulous catalog in the mail. Not from some new hip clothing company, and not on super slick oversized glossy paper.
This was a not-so-humble booklet from House Industries, a type foundry in Yorklyn, DE.
Upon opening the manilla colored envelope I was surrounded by the smell of REAL INK! not the heated ozone stench of laser printing.... but real, live, inky-ink. Mmmmmm... I love the smell of ink in the morning... or afternoon for that matter.

The cover was a nice cardstock from French papers... the inside? the inside was newsprint. Fabulous newsprint!
the orange and black and metallic gold of the ink was fabulous! It was font-porn for the designer in me.

Thank you House Industries. You have made my day.

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