Saturday, November 29, 2008

A season of sadness

Friday, November 28th.

I spent the afternoon traveling to Muncie, Indiana. Not to celebrate what should be a wonderful holiday with family and friends, but to attend the funeral of James Patrick Wilhoite, 37. He passed away on Sunday morning, the 23rd of November, of a heart attack.
Jim was the husband of my good friend Tanya, and father of their 2 young girls, Hannah (12) and Virginia (9). He was a wonderful man, a good father and husband and larger than life. I am still dumbfounded with the shock of Tanya's loss. I can feel her desolation and grief clear across the state. I was resolute to be stong and remote during the viewing for Tanya, but never made it passed her parents before losing it. Tanya was well tranquilized with pharmacuticals. Her two daughters were in the lounge with others their age, avoiding the viewing. Ironically She was the one comforting me during our hugs.

Life is incredibly unfair....

Yet, fate and karma will lead us, willing or not into what they have planned for us.

Tanya has always been a wonderfully intelligent, independant woman, and will continue to be so. My wish for her is peace and understanding, and finally with time, love of life.

My holiday's have been subdued to say the least.

Our mutual friend Kristy will be here on the 12th of December. Flying in from Texas while her husband has finally returned home from working abroad to be with the kids, and hopefully, spend time with Kristy as well.

I am ecstatic that she is coming. Kristy is the one with humor in her soul. She will be needed.

I am also looking forward to seeing Maria and John from Arkansas, should they come this way for the holidays.

I'm keeping my head above the turbulent emotional waters. The sun was shining at least for the last 2 days. Bringing feeble warmth to my bones. I look forward to my annual trips to the tanning bed for Light Therapy. That should improve my mood.


Anonymous said...

Tanya described me to family members; as a well put together, nails hair clothes, kind of gal; yet I am the first to dig deep into the muck with said manicure to produce several slimy tadpoles. I'm going to go with this theory and do the same with Tanya. I have always been inclined to fix things, human and mechanical, maybe these skills will help heal some of the grief that we are all experiencing because of Jim's death. I can hardly wait to start with a much needed healing bear hug for everyone.


The Oracle said...

I'm very sorry to hear of your painful loss.
We're looking forward to seeing you two when we get back to Indiana in a couple of weeks.